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What is a Waffle Cake?

A Waffle Cake is a buttery, flaky, pastry/dessert disguised as a waffle!  Our Waffle Cakes are made with specialty imported Pearl sugar from Belgium.  They start out as dough instead of batter and are baked on-site made to order on waffle irons also imported from Belgium.  When baked the Pearl sugar caramelizes on the outside while maintaining its crunch on the inside.  Traditionally they are served in a craft paper to eat on the go and sometimes dusted with powdered sugar and/or Lemon juice.  While the Waffle Cake is the perfect snack on its own we offer a plethora of creative combinations to transform it into your favorite guilty pleasure!


After Micro Roasting coffee for over 10 years we have teamed up with Coda Coffee of Denver and now use their coffee on our truck.  Coda was named Roaster of the Year by Roast Magazine in 2014.  In preparation for our truck completion and offering Espresso based drinks we attended the New York City Coffee Fest show in 2012 and obtained our International Academy of Specialty Coffee Barista Certification.  We are one of 11 certified Baristas in Colorado!  We are as passionate about coffee as we are our Waffle Cakes!


Where to Find Us

Our Find Us & Truck Location sections to the right are always updated with our latest public location and events.  Our private events are generally not listed on our public event calendar.

Please use our Catering Request page to give us a heads up on a local event or request a quote for setting up our Waffle Truck or a Waffle Bar at your upcoming event!

You can also purchase Frozen 6 Packs of Original & Gluten Free Waffle Cakes at these retail locations:

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Whole Foods Market Locations in Colorado:

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