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Waffle Cakes listed as one of Denver’s top food trucks by CBS 4 Denver

Thursday, July 25th, 2013

Waffle Cakes listed as one of Denver’s top food trucks by CBS 4 Denver!  Full article found here at CBS 4:


Top Food Trucks In Denver

June 19, 2013 6:00 AM

Food Trucks(credit:

Denver’s food truck scene is gassed up and in overdrive. Whether you are looking for baking powder biscuits, Venezualen arepas, tacos or freshly frosted cupcakes, Colorado is home to a thriving food truck scene nearly every summer day and night of the week. On Monday, try ProspectEATS in Longmont, on Tuesday and Thursday Civic Center Park is packed with the city’s top food trucks and Wednesday and Saturday is farmers’ market food trucks. For all these food trucks, check the websites for daily locations and menus.


Photo Credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart

Photo Credit: Kimberly Lord Stewart

Waffle Cakes

I dare you to walk by Waffle Cakes and not be tempted to order. The aroma is intoxicating; it’s like walking through the streets of Liege, Belgium. These thick and tender waffles are fine just as they are, just sweet enough with a crusty Belgian sugar crust. But if you must, Waffle Cakes offers sweet and savory toppings and fillings, including bacon, apple and Gorgonzola with black cherry balsamic; banana and Nutella; or a savory ham and cheese. Waffle Cakes also makes lattes, cappuccinos and espresso drinks.