Dessert Truck Waffle Cakes at Private Event

Dessert Truck Waffle Cakes Food Truck at Private Event

Looking for something exciting and unique for your special event or wedding? Let us wow your guests with freshly made to order Waffle Cake creations from our Waffle Dessert Truck!  We offer a variety of toppings and options (including custom flavors, colors, etc. per your event).  We have the ability to setup indoors without the truck or outdoors with the truck.  With the truck we also have a full Espresso bar with Coffee, Tea, Chai, Hot Chocolate, etc.  We can also create custom packaged Waffle Cakes or Coffee with personalized labels for your event and/or your guests.

We approach each event with the goal of helping to create a lasting impression of the event. We want our customers to know that our number one priority is to exceed expectations by providing a delicious product with remarkable service. We will make sure that our involvement at your upcoming event will help to make it a huge success and something that will be talked about for years to come.

Waffle Cake is a buttery, flaky, pastry/dessert disguised as a waffle!  Our Waffle Cakes are made with specialty imported Pearl sugar from Belgium. They start out as dough instead of batter and are made to order and baked on-site on waffle irons also imported from Belgium. When baked the sugar caramelizes on the outside while maintaining its crunch on the inside.


Liege Waffle Truck

Dessert Truck Waffle Truck Waffle Cakes Catering Accommodations:

  • We are able to cater events as small as 75 and as large as 1000.
  • We have the ability to cater events indoors without our truck or outdoors with one or both of our trucks.
  • We have the ability to offer Waffle Cakes as well as a full Espresso / Coffee / Hot Chocolate Bar.
  • We can provide custom plates, napkins, etc to match the colors of your event.

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