Waffle Truck / Cafe

Our Truck

Our Waffle Truck is actually a bus retired from the transportation industry. After it’s journey to Colorado from Ohio we had it transformed into our mobile Waffle Cakes Cafe! We choose the bus over a truck as we liked the idea of being ground level (eye to eye due to the low floors and kneeling system) with our customers as well as the ability to showcase our Espresso Machine and Waffle Irons imported from Europe.  Here is a picture of our Waffle Truck!

Waffle Cakes Waffle Truck

Our Cafe

Our Waffle Truck allowed us to also bring our passion for Coffee to our customers! We have been micro roasting coffee for 10 years and attending Classes, Coffee Trade Shows, etc to further our knowledge and experience in the industry.  Our goal was to re-create the cafe setting within our truck.  In preparation for our truck completion and offering espresso based drinks we attended the New York City Coffee Fest show early in 2012 and obtained our International Academy of Specialty Coffee Barista Certification.  We are one of 11 certified in Colorado!